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love birds

no more fighting over decor!

Love is in the air! Just moved in together and the two of you are having a blast. Well, until you started choosing furniture. He's hanging on to his old futon and you just can't part with grandma's armchair. Take a deep breath and have fun! You just focus on your lovin and let The Modernista figure out what to keep and what to replace. Your place is going to be a stunner before you unpack...

the concept

the perfect

Sarah and Jack were waiting for this moment forever! Finally they have a nice place together but two people = two opinions. Jack loves blue but Sarah is not a color person. What they both have in common is a love of wood and fire. Aha! The Modernista says: Compromise! Jack got a new blue Egg chair to match Sarah's white one so they can stare at each-other lovingly while chirping by the vent-free fireplace. The wall was easily covered with peel & stick wooden planks for more coziness.

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how to
bring in hygge

essential tips for modern living

We love modern design that is cozy, warm and inviting. Too minimalistic and monochromatic is not really us.

What you need is HYGGE. It is the most important word in Denmark - a land of the world's happiest people and it translates as  "COZINESS". Hygge is associated with a lifestyle that incorporates feelings of comfort, relaxation and warmth. The great Danes have figured out how to be happy with a few simple but essential items: candles, cozy blankets, rugs, fireplace, homemade cookies...This is exactly what your home should be about. So - are you ready to hygge?  You can do it tonight - just turn off the big overhead lighting and light a few candles across your room, let them twinkle in joy. Then gently in the background, let the music in - when was the last time you listened to Vivaldi? 

I'm not that handy but I would like to add wood to my walls. What options do I have?

That's a great idea! Wood warms up a room instantly and you can play with the style that you love the best - it can be minimalistic modern or rustic. The Modernista can help you select the right type. As far as the installation - the easiest and very popular way to bring in wood is with "peel & stick" wooden planks that are sold by the square footage. You will need to measure your wall to calculate the right amount and have a few tools to cut them. But it's totally worth it if you are up for a little adventure and to learn something new. The Modernista will help you navigate through the process for a great looking wall.

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