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design process  I  how it works

 free consulation

professional tips on what works and what doesn't in your room

Upload a photo of your room here. The Modernista will review the current layout and conditions such as the circulation, your furniture style and color scheme. In a few days you will get a free sketch evaluation with recommendations and design ideas.


existing room

Kate uploaded a photo of her living room. She would like a more stylish room with a budget under $3,500 - but she is not sure where to begin.

free sketch

design evaluation

design evaluation: the living room has great architectural features: large windows, nice hardwood floors, tall ceiling.  But it lacks chicness and the furniture layout is too rigid.
1. the corner chair is outdated and color doesn't work 2. the side table is unnecessary 3. the pictures are too small 4. windows appear bare without curtains 5. the rug is small & gets lost  6. the coffee table is too rustic  7. the sofa works but change covers to a lighter color 

free sketch

design recommendation

design recommendation: let's add a touch of chicness with contrasting black & white color scheme & invest in a new conversation-style lounge chair. A round coffee table and a larger light colored rug will open up the layout thus making the room appear more airy & luxurious.
1. bring luxury with black damask paste-the wall wallpaper or simply paint the TV wall with charcoal paint in flat finish  2. soften up the windows with double-width semi-transparent linen curtains 3. hang larger more interesting artwork  4. place a healthy lush tree-plant in the corner for a happy feeling  5. treat your feet with a cozy plush large white rug  6. invest in a bigger comfortable lounge chair 7. round coffee table will make the room more inviting & easier to get around the sofa  8. change the covers on your sofa to off-white

before & after 

room transformation

After Kate received her free sketch, she loved the ideas The Modernista suggested and she decided to go ahead with the REFRESH MIX L-design package for $279.  In less than a month, Kate's room was completely transformed from pretty ordinary to super chic living room and all just under $3,500. See design packages.

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