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happy bachelor

time to impress your babe with a cool room

Life is good Dude! Freedom, friends, fun...
But your girlfriend will be more impressed with your puppy than with your apartment. Time to upgrade for an impressive visit. Let's get you a new sofa, add a few interesting accessories and paint the accent wall black. Guaranteed home run....

the concept

james bond
in NYC

Matt is a lucky dog. He has been living in an awesome factory-converted apartment in Brooklyn for a couple of years. While the place has cool industrial features, the furniture was so outdated it would make you dizzy. Matt is super chill and handsome so the James Bond concept was as natural choice for his personality, as is 007's British accent. 

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how to
live like

james bond

essential tips fo modern living

Do women care about how a guy's apartment looks like?

Absolutely. And if she tells you she doesn't mind your stinky socks all over the place - she is lying. Every woman checks out the way you live - especially the first time she comes over. Your home is an extension of yourself. So you better get your place in order before the queen of your heart walks in.

And if you really want to impress her - make your place smell good. Woman love that! Invest in a good quality fragrance diffuser like John Malone...she will notice! 

I love the idea of painting one wall black. But I'm worried it's going to make my room appear smaller.

Don't worry! A contrasting wall in black will make your room appear more luxurious. But if you have a very small room you may want to be spare with your furnishings, don't overcrowd your space, keep it minimal. You will be surprised what an impact the black wall will have.

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