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why not rent in style?

Congratulations, you are independent!
Now it's time to impress your parents and friends with a stylish room. Who says a rental needs to be boring? Even simple paint, curtains, pillows and just a few pieces of furniture can do miracles. Let's start easy so you still have money left to enjoy time out with your friends. 

the concept



Amy just moved to the city. She is fun loving and thrilled to be living by herself. She picked the Purple Rain concept and it looks absolutely stunning in her small apartment. The grays and her favorite color purple are the perfect color scheme for chic urban living. 

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how to
rent in style

essential tips for modern living

Am I waisting money and time making my rental pretty?

No! You deserve to live in a beautiful space even if it's temporary. This is your home now and you will benefit if it looks and feels pleasant. Happy home = happy soul. 

I don't like the current wall color but I'm afraid my landlord won't be happy if I paint it.

The goal is to make you happy. 
Landlords usually don't mind as long as you repaint the walls back to their original color when you move out. If you are still nervous, call your landlord. Ensure him or her that you love your place and promise to take great care of it. Your landlord will appreciate it.

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