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modern interiors

for less

modern. cozy. personal. feng shui

Spaces we live in greatly impact our well-being and our mission is to deliver beautiful spaces 
to you for less - less money, less time, less clutter and less stress.  

We are friendly and highly experienced interior designers in areas of:

  • spatial planning 

  • existing layout re-configurations 

  • furniture selections  

  • paint color recommendations

  • artwork + accessories curation

  • greenery implementation

We create beautiful spaces quickly and never over your budget.


Dining green.jpg
Hallway BW.jpg

beautifully for less

Once frowned upon, working from home is now a new reality as we are racing to transform our spare guest rooms into offices or converting small nooks into creative workstations.


Companies have to adapt as well. Physical distancing and safety protocols are impacting established ways of working and challenging collaboration, communication and creativity.

We will help you make the best of your space so you can work effectively, creatively, comfortably and safely whether from your new cool home office or your company's team space. 

Nook Empty.jpg
an empty nook
Monochromatic Green3.jpg
Black and White7.jpg
Office Nook Bohemian.jpg
806 e.jpg
customized worksuite 

in style & have fun

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