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Urban oasis
& cozy city living

City living - while extremely exciting has its own challenges particularly when it comes to scale and proportion - rooms are smaller and need extra thoughtful planning to maximize every inch of available space.


We are urbanites and understand how to tackle small spaces to create a feeling of openness and an easy flow while bringing in your unique personality, positive energy and overall beautiful space for you to enjoy for years to come.


high contrast
= visual interest

adhering to contrasting color palettes creates a sense of spaciousness and crisp architecture

snug textures
& forever 

wallpaper, plush throws and cozy blankets warm up and instantly
add a layer of personality and luxury

country bedroom.jpg
bachelor's pad .jpg
BR 3.jpg
country bath.jpg
Dining green2.jpg
landing bookcase.jpg

power of 
soft illumination

layering your lighting with floor and table lamps creates beautifully soft illumination that makes skin glow and instantly uplifts mood 

mark sketch.jpg
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