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need a cool place fast.  no time to waste

You are a Rock Star! You've got it all together - a job you love, a solid group of friends, an amazing fashion sense and an independent attitude. You just bought a new home but don't have time to furnish it - frankly you are not the type that spends hours shopping. You've got better things to do. You know what you want and The Modernista will make it happen for you!

the concept

"it" girl

Jordan is super driven. She is focused, clear-minded  and constantly on the move. No wonder she is so successful. The "It" Girl concept is very much in tune with her strong personality. The Modernista designed a place that is sharp, sophisticated, with clean lines and strong graphic components. It has beautiful circulation and feels airy and super chic. Exactly like Jordan.

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how to
create a 

chic room

essential tips for modern living

I can't stand places that are cluttered and stuffy. I want my place to be chic, modern and light. Where do I start?

Agreed. A cluttered home is very anti-chic. Cluttered home = cluttered soul. Let's start with getting rid of everything that you don't need. Clear out your room and take a look at the layout. Where are the windows? What views do they offer? How big is the room - would it accommodate a sectional or is too small for it? A truly chic room is well balanced with well-proportioned furniture that allows for easy circulation. You don't need a whole lot of furniture, invest in a few good pieces that will last you a long time. Accessorize with art that shows off your character. Dress up windows with long flowing curtains. Keep your walls white but add a rug with a bold pattern to make a statement. Don't forget about pillows, candles and flowers. Chicness is in the details.

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