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a stunner needs a stunning home

Your personal style is the talk of the town, always stunning from head to toe.
So why does your place look more like ugh Plain Jane? Let's bring in some luxurious textures, velvet, silk, fur (only faux sorry) and what do you say to stunning damask wallpaper? Imagine big lamps, black and white photos, gold accessories...very Chanel of you!

the concept


inner chanel

Megan was born with style and often causes traffic jams. She knows how to dress impeccably but needed help with her place. Chanel Allure is her favorite perfume and it was Chanel that inspired the concept for her place's redesign. A combination of black and white stripes and black damask is the ultimate luxury, something Coco Chanel championed almost a century ago. Warmed up with two cognac leather ottomans - and voila - Megan's home is as stylish as her wardrobe.

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how to
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essential tips for modern living

I love glamour but I don't have a big budget. How can I achieve luxury without breaking my bank?

Coco Chanel created her empire with a very simple and modest material: jersey knit. She added strands of faux pearls and a touch of expensive perfume and the rest is history. Here's the lesson: you can create luxury by mixing the inexpensive with the expensive. Speaking of your room - it's about the right combination of textures and patterns - it's about the soft rug under your feet, velvet pillows, cozy blankets, contrasting patterns, nice candles...Here's the trick: add expensive Mongolian fur pillows on your modern inexpensive sofa and your guests will remember those soft stunning pillows. Dress your walls with inexpensive "paste the wall" wallpaper in classical stripes and high-end looking damask wallpaper - and your guests will rave about those stunning walls. It's really that simple.

You mentioned an inexpensive "paste the wall" wallpaper.
What is it?  I've never heard of it. 

The Modernista loves wallpaper! It has made a huge comeback in the last few years as manufacturers made big time improvements on the designs and installation process to make it easy for people who like DYI. You can buy a few rolls and instead of painting your walls, you apply washable glue and then your wallpaper. It's easier than painting and the impact is absolute. 

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