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modern room design

on tight budget

living beautifully  without breaking your bank

The Modernista specializes in transforming spaces on tight budgets. 
We believe the way we live impacts our well-being and our mission is to deliver beautiful interiors to you for less. but you don't have to be a millionaire to live well. We believe in simple beauty, more plants, less clutter, less consumerism.
We can help you create your own beautiful oasis tailored to your unique personality and budget. Just give us a call or shoot an email to schedule 1 hour free design consultation. 


a journey into
high contrasts

& textures 

featured work I small city living

concept colors.jpg
Main Entrance
Detail 1.jpg
Modern Black Entry Doors

keeping to
black and white

adhering to high contrasting color palette created sense of spaciousness and crisp architecture

before and after
 Black Modern Interior Doors

snugly textures
& forever 

Wallpaper, plush throws and cozy blankets warm up and instantly
add layer of personality and luxury.

before and after
brown 2.jpg
LR new.jpg
Living .jpg
Dining green.jpg

green - the most
beautiful of all

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