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The Modernista matches your personality with your sense of place

first rental

"My old place is unrecognizable.

Matt, Brooklyn, NY

 Happy Bachelor

"I live like a queen
in my rental"

Amy, Charlotte,NC

First Time Renter

My new black and white place is stunning.

Megan, Chicago, IL

Glam Fashionista

your first rental

why not rent in style?

Congratulations, you are independent!
Now it's time to impress your parents and friends with a stylish room. Who says rental needs to be boring? Even simple paint, curtains, pillows and just a few pieces of furniture can do miracles. Let's start easy so you still have money left to enjoy time out with your friends. 

free space evaluation

the concept



Amy just moved to the city. She is fun loving and thrilled to be living by herself. She picked the Purple Rain concept and it looks absolutely stunning in her small apartment, the grays and her favorite purple are perfect color scheme for a chic urban living. 

how to
rent in style

essential tips for chic living



Am I waisting money and time making my rental pretty?

No! You deserve to live in a beautiful space even if it's temporary. This is your home now and you will benefit if it looks and feels pleasant. Happy home = happy soul. 

I don't like current wall color but I'm afraid my landlord won't be happy if I paint it.

The goal is to make you happy. Typically landlords don't mind as long as you repaint the walls back to original when you move out. If you are too nervous, call your landlord. Ensure him or her that you love your place will take a great care of it. Your landlord will love you.

happy bachelor
happy bachelor

time to impress your queen with a cool room

Life is good Dude! Freedom, friends, fun...
But the Queen of your heart you would like to invite over will be more impressed with your puppy than with your apartment. Time to upgrade for an impressive first visit. Let's get you a new sofa, add few interesting accessories and paint the accent wall black. Guaranteed home-run....

free space evaluation

the concept

james bond
in NYC

Matt is a lucky dog. He has been living in an awesome factory converted apartment in Brooklyn for couple of years. While the place has coll industrial features, the furniture was so outdated it would make you dizzy. Dan is super chilled and handsome so James Bond's concept was as natural choice for his personality as 007's British accent. 

"My old place is unrecognizable. It went from horror college dorm to an industrial modern. Now my girlfriend doesn't want to leave.
 I guess that's a good thing:)"

Matt, Brooklyn, NY

how to
live like

james bond

essential tips for chic living


Do women care about how guy's apartment look like?

Absolutely. And if she tells you she doesn't mind your stinky socks all over the place - she is lying. Every woman checks out the way you live - especially the first time she comes over. Your home is an extension of yourself. So you better get your place in order before the queen walks in.

And if you really want to impress her - make your place smell good. Woman loved that! Invest in a good quality fragrance diffuser like John Malone...she will notice! 


I really love the idea of painting one wall black. But I'm worried it's going to make my room appear smaller.

Don't worry! A contrasting wall in black will make your room appear more luxurious. But if you have a very small room you may want to be spare with your furnishings, don't overcrowd your space, keep it minimal. You will be surprised what an impact the black wall will have. Check out these examples.

glam fashionista

a stunner needs a stunning home

Your personal style is talk of the town, always stunning from head to toe.
So why does your place look more like ugh Plain Jane? Let's bring in some luxurious textures, velvet, silk, fur (only faux sorry) and what do you say to stunning damask wallpaper? Imagine big lamps, black and white photos, gold accessories...very Chanel of you!

free space evaluation

the concept


inner chanel

Megan was born with style and often causes traffic jam. She knows how to dress impeccably but needed help with her place.  Chanel Mademoiselle is her favorite perfume and it was Chanel that inspired the concept for her place redesign. Combination of black and white stripes and black damask is the ultimate luxury, something Coco Chanel championed almost a century ago. Warmed up with two cognac leather ottomans - and voila - Megan's home is as stylish as her wardrobe.

Chic Pro
chic professional

need a cool place fast.  no time to waste

You are a Rock Star! You've got it all together - job you love, solid group of friends, amazing fashion sense and an independent attitude. You just bought a new home but don't have time to furnish it - frankly you are not the type that spends hours shopping. You've got better things to do. You know what you want and The Modernista will make it happen for you!

free space evaluation

the concept

golden girl

Jordan is super driven. She is focused, clear minded  and constantly on the move. No wonder she is so successful. The golden girl concept is very much in tune with her strong personality. The Modernista designed a place that is sharp, sophisticated, with clean lines and strong graphic component. It has a beautiful circulation and feels airy and super chic. Exactly like Jordan.

Love Nest
love birds

no more fighting over decor!

Love is in the air! Just moved in together and the two of you are having a blast. Well, until you started choosing furniture.  He hangs on to his old futon and you just can't part with grandma's armchair. Take a deep breath and have fun! You just focus on your lovin and let The Modernista figure out what to keep and what to replace. Your place is going to be a stunner before you unpack...

free space evaluation

the concept

the perfect

Kelley and Matt were waiting for this moment forever! Finally they have a nice place together but two people = two opinions. Matt loves blue but Kelley is not a color person. What they  both have in common is love of wood and fire. Aha! The Modernista says: Compromise! Matt got a new blue Egg chair to match Kelley's white one so they can stare at each-other lovingly while chirping by the cozy vent-free  fireplace. The wall was easily covered with peel & stick wooden planks for an additional warmth. 

design process

design process

Simply upload few photos of your current room for a free space evaluation. Modernista will follow up with a phone call or email to discuss your goal & vision. The next step is selecting a design package that fits your goal. In less than a week you will receive 3 design concepts. 

is super easy and saves you time, money & sanity




Upload a photo of your room and The Modernista will give you advice on what works and what doesn't. Super easy and useful free space evaluation.


Pick the design package that best suits your needs & fits your budget. Just as if you were picking up your Starbucks morning latte... grande please




This is the fun part! Each mood-board will show suggested color schemes and furniture with pricing that fits your budget. Pick the one that best captures your personality.






Almost there! The measurements are confirmed and floor plan shows your new layout. We will go over the details once more before you receive the final package. 


your happines means a lot

Amazing job Modernista! My old place looked like a boring college dorm. Now anytime my girl comes by, she never wants to leave. I guess that's a good thing:)

"Matt, Brooklyn, NY"

Amazing job Modernista! My old place looked like a boring college dorm. Now anytime my girl comes by, she never wants to leave. I guess that's a good thing:)

"Matt, Brooklyn, NY"

design package

Modernista's philosophy is simple: to make your life easier with a design that is fast, fun and on budget. Maybe you only need to rearrange your current furniture,  fresh coat of paint & few new accessories. Or perhaps you are ready for a completely fresh start. Still not sure which package is best for you? Let's get in touch for a quick chat.

design package
why modernista

Life's too short to live in a boring place.

Many homes look like clones of  Westelm, Crate & Barrel  or Pottery Barn...pretty but lacking personality and originality. 

Growing up in Europe, designing  in New York, I believe that beautiful home = happy soul. My designs are modern, chic & cozy, filled with lightness, good amount of contrast, almost always touch of black (hey, that's the New York's state of mind). I'm not a fan of clutter, stuffy furniture or mismatched colors. 

Is this a view you share? Cool, let's get started and design an awesome room for you.

born to design.

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