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Spaces we work and live in greatly impact our well-being. Our mission is to deliver beautiful modern spaces filled with positive energy, creativity, and inspiration.


We provide design consultation in the areas of:

  • spatial planning 

  • furniture selections  

  • paint color recommendations

  • artwork + accessories curation

  • biophilia implementation

  • staging



Our design aesthetic is defined by clean lines, earthy tones, cozy textures, pleasant lighting and lots of greenery resulting in rooms full of calming energy offering much needed respite from busy city life.


With extensive experience designing premium hospitality infused co-working office environments, we know what it takes to create inspiring and healthy work spaces that reflect your company's culture, elevate your brand, and help you retain and attract the best talent.


We offer staging and accessorizing services for offices, residential + commercial interiors,  pop-up experiences, home staging, hotel lobbies and hospitality events. 

biophilia 1.jpg

Connection to nature especially in urban environments was never as important as it is today. Bringing lush greenery indoors not only improves indoor air quality, it significantly impacts our well-being,  reduces stress,  promotes renewal, better  concentration, learning and healing.

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